Conversion Bits from Scibor Miniatures

The Conversion section over at Scibor Monstrous Miniatures has grown quite a bit since I last checked it out.

One of the newer packs that they have up that I am interested in is the Egyptian themed conversion pack -

These would work great for some Thousand Sons conversions. This kit is $7+shipping so it isn't too steep. The two tall bits on each sprue would work good to glue to a Chaos Space Marine helmet. The only thing is, I don't know what you would do with the other bits. They look kind of flat so I don't know how well they would glue to shoulder pads. Does anyone have an idea on these?

Next up we have a few kits that would work really well for some Space Wolves conversions -

These two kits would just work beautifully for Space Wolves. The price on these is the same as the parts above, $7 a kit + shipping. This puts the price of the bits right at $1 a piece. Not a bad deal for some really nice parts.

Not to be left out the Black Templars also have some bits on here that would serve them up proper - 

To me, these are the coolest bits on the site right now. They just looks slick. Too bad I haven't started a Black Templar army - maybe when the new book comes out.

Last but not least we have a few kits that would work well with the Dark Angels - 

These would work well for a Dark Angles list that was focusing on the Lion aspect of the army. You don't see too many armies that do that. The helmest are kind of middle of the road to me, but the shoulder pads are top shelf.

If you haven't been to Scibor's site before you should really check it out. He does some amazing work that you should really see.