Grey Knight on Micro Art Studio Resin Base

With all the rumors of the Grey Knights being next in line for a new Codex I decided it was time to get ahead of the curve and start up a Daemon Hunters army.

I have just been in love with these models ever since they came out. When these guys came out in 2003 they were the slickest models that Games Workshop had ever produced. Even though seven years has passed, these models are still some of the best out there.

The reason I hadn't picked these guys up earlier is that I was intimidated by them. I just didn't know how to paint them. At first glance you think it would be easy - prime em black and dry brush them with a few different shades of metal and call it done. This just didn't seem right to me though. Dry brushing these guys just wouldn't do justice to the awesomeness of the model.

My first thought was to try a NMM technique on these guys. I grabbed a test model and started painting and quickly gave up - I am just not that technical of a painter. I could have probably pulled it off, but it would have taken me ages, it wouldn't of looked very good, and I would not have been happy with it.

After having tooled around with my Dark Eldar and their white color scheme I decided to try it on some Grey Knights. Here are a few shots of how the models turned out -

After tweaking the paint recopies just a bit I got it where I wanted it and am happy with it. This guy is the first one that I have painted up fully so hopefully it will get better from here. One other point of interest on these pictures is the base. I ordered a set of bases from Micro Art Studios to use on these guys - such stellar models deserve to be royally based. I tried to paint the base up to look like it was marble and that was a whole adventure unto itself. Look for a post on that once I get a bit better at it.

I should have some more pictures of these guys up soon as I am making pretty good progress on them - they are just a joy to paint.