Vehicle Combat Resolution Bonuses - When Does it Apply?

Let me share with you a pretty common scenario.

A unit charges another unit and also brings a vehicle into the battle - usually a transport. The attackers make sure to move the model with the Powerfist into contact with the vehicle. The players work out the combat and the Powerfist model deals a few glancing or penetrating hits to the vehicle. When it comes time to figure out who won the assaulting player adds in 1 for every glancing or penetrating hit scored on the vehicle since it was part of a multi-unit assault.

Wrecked Rhino from Pitched Battle

Sound familiar?

Lets take a closer look at the rules.

According to the main 40k Rulebook -

Each roll made on the Vehicle Damage table against a walker counts as a single wound for the purposes of working out who won the combat.
So in the above example the assaulting player would not receive the combat resolution bonus for scoring the penetrating or glancing hits on the vehicle since it was not a walker. I have seen this happen many times in both friendly and tournament games - I myself have been guilty of this in the past and it wasn't until a pretty thorough review of the rules that our gaming group came across this section of the rules.

What do you think? Are we the only ones who this has come up for or is this a pretty common misunderstanding in the 40k rules?