Jester's Crystal Ball - White Dwarf and Release Schedule

Isn't it interesting that GW is once again going to be releasing rules in White Dwarf?  I remember once upon a time, when it was pretty common place.  Then they shifted their business model to only release rules in their codices and army books.  Why did they do it?  First off the internet wasn't what it is today, and second they thought they would improve their sales by making the rules only accessible in the books.

However, today just about everybody has access to the net, one way or another (especially those who have the means to play 40k!).  And now we see a shift back to rules in White Dwarf.  After a few months following the Dwarf, you will probably see all the rules available for download on their site.  My prediction is that this is also a major experiment for them.  A test to see if by releasing spearhead and some models with rules in White Dwarf will drive sales.  We all know White Dwarf has turned into nothing more than a glorified sales catalogue, and perhaps GW has heard the cries and they realize they need to put some content or something that furthers the hobby in the mag.  If they do it right, can they drive sales for models without having to release a codex?  Can they improve sales of White Dwarf?  If they can, you can bet your dollar it will become common place again to see actual content in the Dwarf!

Also we are seeing night spinners and manticore's released in what seems to be a willy nilly manner, outside of a release window.  Why?  Probably because GW needs to have some productive (solid sales) releases before releasing Dark Eldar.  Dark Eldar is a risky army release for them, and it needs to be successful.  This is why you see blood angels now ( a guaranteed success) before DE. Also Planetfail... er, planetstrike was great for models, but really didn't do much in the way of selling a book.  Now we see an expansion in the dwarf.  Again, can it move models in the same manner?  Dark Eldar will also be an experiment for them.  Can they release a relatively whole new army and it be successful?  If we hope to ever see a new 40k army in the next 5 years, Dark Eldar sales need to be a cash cow.

In my last crystal ball, I made some predictions about release schedule (all correct up to this point and found here) and I believe that trend will continue.  Now my predicted release schedule will be very close to what follows:

Fantasy 8th Edition
Dark Eldar  - September
Fantasy Release
Marine Release (Inquisitorial Forces) January
Fantasy Release
Necrons - April

The only thing I wonder about is what will follow up Dark Eldar.  It will be a  marine force.  GW is going to keep riding that wagon all the way to the bank and you will see an every other release schedule for the duration.  The question is will it be a marines chapter (black templar?) or will it be marines/inquisitorial. One other thing I would bank on - If they want Dark Eldar to sell, like we know they do, look for them to be overpowered!  How did they sell Valkyries, again? Oh, yeah.  They are wicked models and cheap point wise, and they are great rules wise!