Death Korps of Krieg part 8

Weathering and Base Coating

I finished up all the weathering on the base camo on the tanks. This includes the paint chipping in spots and dirt and grime and rain streaks all over the tanks. They still need to be tightened up and brought more into focus but adding all the details and additional blending will do this. So far I'm proud of how they've turned out.

Now that the base Coats are done on the tanks I started airbrushing the base coats of my valks/vendettas. I could have gone with the same paint scheme and added an off white color to the bottom of the planes and it would have looked all right. I ended up going with more of an Imperial Navy look though. My reason for doing so is that some day I want to own about 8 valks/vendettas, 1 vulture gun ship, 1 of the world war 2 looking bombers and a couple of the lightning or thunderbolts and have a full apoc or just for fun only Imperial navy army. This is only a dream right now but I decided to go ahead and paint my vehicles to match my future IN project. This will also add a little variation in my army and break up the gray/desert camo pattern of all the tanks. I went with a gray top and a bone colored bottom.