Games Day Memphis Next Year?

A few things have happened recently that makes me think that next year we might see a Games Day in the middle of the country.

A while back there were some rumors floating around that Games Workshop North America would be moving it's headquarters from Baltimore down to Memphis. I haven't heard much more on this move but I did see this post from the financial side of GW. Apparently the big wig from the UK is coming to the US for a few months.

And then we have this tidbit that came out today -

The 2011 Games Day location will be announced at the end of the 2010 Games Day in Baltimore!
To me this means that next years Games Day will not be held in Baltimore. Why else would they make a point to mention that they would be announcing where it would be held next?

With everything else that has been rumored lately I have a pretty good feeling that next years Games Day will be in the middle of the US and that the most likely city is Memphis.

If this turns out to be the case I am sure that you can expect to see a strong showing from The Hogs.