Ork Deffkopta to Nob Warbiker Conversion

I have had tons of Ork Deffkoptas sitting around forever from all the Black Reach sets I picked up. In a past post I showed you some bits that I ordered from Ramshackle Games that I was going to use to convert some of the Deffkoptas over to Rokkit Buggies.

I got the pieces in and shelved the project for a little while as I worked on getting some Killa Kans and a Deff Dread put together and painted up. After I finished these models up I started playing around with a new list for the upcoming tournament season - I just wasn't sure I was sold on my Imperial Fists. After knocking a few lists out with Jester we came up with a list that needed more Nob Bikerz than what I had on hand. Intead of buying some new models I decided to scrap the Rokkit Buggy plans and convert the Deffkoptas into Nob Warbikerz instead.

This was a pretty hack and slash conversion job. I used the Dremel to roughly cut away the pieces that had to go - the fins, rotor, landing skids, and a good portion of the back of the model. I then trimmed it up with a hobby knife and glued the Ramshackle tracks in place.

Once that was done I added the necessary wargear to make them all unique - a Big Choppa here, a Skorcha there, and even a Bosspole on one of the models.

I didn't have the original arms for some of the models and this was a bit of a mixed blessing. This means that I had an easier time adding the custom weapons, but a harder time coming up with handlebars. In the end I used a bit of the Imex Chemical plant as well as a bit off of the Killa Kans. It was pretty rough but you get the idea.

I even modeled up a Painboy with an 'Urty Syringe. For the syringe I used a drill off of a grot from the Stompa and a round barreled slugga. I used the face from the Ork Biker sprue that has some tubes running up to the Ork's nose - very medical looking.

I pretty much ran the full spectrum of bits putting these guys together. There are a few Ogre bits, a Skeleton standard bit, some Land Raider Crusader Hurricane Bolters, Trukk bits, Drop Pod bits, and a few that i wasn't sure where they were from. It was a very fun project and I am happy with the results - even if they are a bit rough.

I hope to have these guys painted up by the end of the week so I will be sure to post more pictures of them. I am going to be ordering the bases from Dragon Forge so it will be a while before they are 'finished' but I will keep you updated on their progress.