Slug-Nought - Finished Model

This model almost slipped through the cracks. About a year back I started working on this Dreadnought conversion. About a month after I put the model together I started painting on it. When I finished this model I put it in foam and had left it there. I was going through some of my older models and I realized that I never got around to posting any finished shots of this guy.

The last post that I did on this model had a pretty shoddy picture from my cell phone that I took. It just didn't do it justice. This is one of my favorite Dreadnought models that I have converted. I built the entire bottom of the model out of super sculpey and even converted the top of the model from a Defiler, spare Dreadnought arms, and plasticard.

The slime is a mix of green stuff as well as some wood glue and super glue. I painted the model in the same way as my Nurgle Soul Grinder and my Death Guard Vindicator - Dheneb Stone as a base, Catachan Green for highlights, and then a real heavy wash of Devlan Mud.

I haven't got to field this guy as often as I would like. The risk of my Chaos Dreadnought going crazy and shooting one of my tanks twice with it's Multi-Melta is just too great of a risk.

I also have terrible luck with Chaos Dreadnoughts. They always run on the first turn when they are armed with ranged weaponry and when they get close to the enemy they always roll the fire frenzy (but this is only when I have them armed with dual DCCWs.)