Ork Deffkopta's to Nob Bikers - Finished Models

Here are a few of the finished models form my Ork Deffkopta to Nob Biker conversion that I started on last week.

I gave these guys a really rough and fast paintjob. Since the conversion was so rough I decided that the paintjob should match. Somehow it ended up working for these guys. They look just like they should - rough and tumble.

I used the same technique that I have used on all the rest of my Orks - Drybrush the metal, paint the skin Knarloc Green, paint the clothes Macharius Solar Orange, pick out just a bit of red, and then apply a heavy wash of Badab Black.

All I am waiting on now is my bases from Dragon Forge. I will be using the Desert Wasteland series that are 75mm x 40mm. These are bigger than the standard bike base size of 75mm x 25mm. This makes sense to me though - these are Nobz! They are bigger!

Once I get the bases and paint them up I will have a total of 12 Nob Bikers ready to go.