New Plastic River Trolls on Advance Order - Hello Nurgle Conversion!

Games Workshop put up the new plastic Warhammer Fantasy Orc and Goblin River Trolls for advance order this week. When I saw the picture the only thing I could think of was how awesome these would be for a Nurgle conversion.

The one with the vomit just sells it for me - I am gonna have to turn these into some kind of Nurgley 40k monstrosity.

There are also some new plastic Boar Boyz. These don't really float my boat so much as the Trolls but one interesting note is the price. These guys clock in at $25 for five models where the old models were around $50 for five. In the recent past GW has been keeping the metal box price for the new plastic boxes (Empire Greatswords is the best example that I can think of) maytbe this heralds the end to such price gouging.

All images from Games Workshop