Plastic Greatcoats from Wargames Factory

The Shock Troops from Wargames Factory are finally done. DerangedFerret over in our forums posted this morning that the models were available for preorder and that pictures of the sprues were up.

I have been lightly following the development on these guys for quite a while. Wargames Factory is a neat company in the way they design their models - they ask the community what they want and then build it if there is enough interest.

Below are shots of the sprues that come in the kits. You get enough bits to make 19 models per box and each box is right at $20 from Wargames Factory. You can also pre-order these models over at The Warstore at a bit of a discount.

These models looks like they would be excellent stand in for Imperial Guard troops. One of the biggest requests that you hear is for plastic greatcoat models - so here is your chance to pick some up that look nice and are quite a bit cheaper than what is offered by Games Workshop.

I just pre-ordered a box of these guys to go with my Imperial Guard army that I am slowly building so I will have a review on the quality of these guys coming up as soon as they get it.