Doom of Malan'tai - Painted

I painted and dipped my Doom of Malan'tai model a while back. It was a very fast and easy process. I primed the model with Wal-Mart flat white paint. I then basecoated the entire model with Krylon Almond spray paint.

Once that was dry I picked out the claws and spikes with Red Gore. I painted the brain with Tentacle Pink (I bought up a stash before it went out of print.)

Next I dipped it in Minwax Pecan wood stain and let it dry. The total time I was actively painting this model was probably around 15 minutes - I think this might be my fastest model yet.

This guy is still looking just a bit rough at this point. Once I get him based and sealed with some Testors Dullcote I think he will look a little bit more finished.

This was a very quick paint job and I am happy with he way it turned out. The quality vs. time spent is just about right on this guy.

In my next post on this model I hope to have it based and sealed - should make quite a bit of difference in the overall appearance of the model.