Blood Talons for Blood Angels Dreadnoughts

After being on the receiving end of a Death Company Dreadnought armed with dual Blood Talons I learned to both fear and respect them. Currently the only way to get a Dreadnought armed this way is by converting or ordering some Forge World arms (which run about $26 US for a pair.)

In my never ending search through the internet I came across a small sight that is selling some resin conversion bits that look like they fit the bill to a T -

The company is Paulson Games and they are selling these bits for $10 a pair. This is a steal compared to what the Forge World ones would cost.

They are also offering up some really sharp looking Bone Swords and Lash Whips - 

The prices on these are really nice as well - a pair of Monstrous Creature Bone Swords is $8 and you can get three pair smaller creature (Warrior) swords for $10.

This company looks to have some really nice product at a really good price point. I am planning on ordering some of the Blood Talons - not sure what for, they just look cool - so I will be sure to post a review as soon as I get around to ordering them.