Ork Warboss on Bike Conversion - Finished

This week I finished up modeling my Ork Warboss riding a Warbike that I converted out of a Deffkopta. In my last post I showed you how I cut down the Deffkopta and the Assault on Black Reach Warboss and now I will show you how I fit it all together.

The first step was to glue the Warboss Torso onto the bike. Since I spent some time earlier making sure it would fit this part went off wihtout a hitch. The next step was to give this bike some wheels. On my other models I used Ramsahckle games Tracks but I wanted this one to look a bit different.

I looked around my bit box and I couldn't find any proper wheels. I ended up cannibalizing a spare Ork Trukk that I had laying around since I didn't have an immediate need for it. I stole three of the wheels out of the box and got to work.

I used the bottom part of an old Imperial Guard Sentinel that I found in my bitz box to make the rear axle. I filed it down and glued it to the model and the attached two of the Trukk tires.

Next I would need to give this bad boy something to steer wtih. I dug and I dug in my bits box looking for osmething suitable and I finally settled on a Havoc Launcher mount. I cut it down to size and positioned the arm to where it would look like it was hodling it and I had my handle bars.

Now that the rear of the bike was done I needed to add a front wheel. I used a spare Defiler arm connection piece to build a set of forks for the front wheel. I then glued these in place and it was good to go.

Once the rough frame of everything was done I added the head to my model and then added a few pieces of flair to the bik - I added some hangey chains on the front and a piece of scrap metal on the back to cover up some rough spots.

I am still waiting on my bases from Dragon Forge but I expect them to be here this week. Once those get in I will paint this guy up he will be ready to lead my Nob Bikers to battle.