Imperial Fists vs. Necrons, Space Wolves, and Blood Angels

This last weekend I played in a tournament at the local Hobby Town. I brought my Imperial Fists Space Marines who were led by Lysander and a Librarian. Rounding up the forces were five Thunderhammer/Storm Shield Terminators, 10 Sternguard Veterans, 2x10 Tactical Marine Squads, a five man unit of Sniper Scouts, a Dreadnought, and a Land Raider Redeemer.

My first game would be against the Necron ringer list - a Lord with Orb, 60 Warriors, a Monolith, Tomb Spider, and 5 Destroyers. The mission was 5 objectives. I really dropped the ball in this game. My opponent set up first and had the first turn. He deployed the warriors on one side of his deployment (table quarters) and the Monolith and Destroyers on the other. I set up with my Land Raider (full of Sternguard and Lysander) and Rhino set to rush forward with a combat squadded unit - the other unit was in cover near an objective, a squad of scouts in cover near an objective, my Terminators were on foot with the Librarian, and three Drop Pods who would be coming in later.

I messed up in two major places in this game - I tried to claim the objectives too early, and I got my Sternguard out of their transport too soon. From turn one I was rushing trying to get to an objective. I should have been focusing on killing Necrons to get them to Phase Out. I also got my Sternguard out withing 24" of a Monolith to shoot at some Necron warriors - on my opponenets turn he blasted the Sternguard with the Particle Whip and they pretty much went away.

I was able to eek out a victory in this game by holding on to more objectives than my opponenet and tying up his units in hand to hand as best I could. The game ended on turn five or I would have been massacred.

My next game put me up against Monkeys Space Wolves. I played a lot better this game but I made a few mistakes that ended up costing me the game. He fielded a unit of scouts and I was real careful to keep my units 12" away from the board edges, but I forgot that they can come on my board edge. Which they did, and then promptly charged a combat squadded unit I had left on an objective. I made the same mistake in this game of trying to get the objectives too fast and it ended up costing me. I had spread my troops out too thin across the board and he was able to pick me off. I was also not able to get Gate of Infinity off once due to his psychic defenses.

It ended up being a very fun and very close game. It came down to the last turn - I whiffed three saves on Lysander and Monkey claimed an objective and I had a Land Raider so close to one of his objectives that we had to dice off to see if it contested - he won the roll and scored a major victory.

My last game of the day pitted me against WildEyedJester and his Blood Angels. I knew from the previous times that I had played him that this would be a tough fight. The final mission was Kill Points so I knew it would be even tougher.

The deployment was Dawn of War and both of us elected to not deploy anything on the table. Both of our units of scouts would come in via outflank. Jester was running Astorath in a unit of Jump Pack Assault Marines and he deployed them on the table.

I had the first turn and I tried to spread my forces out just a bit. My plan was to make him divert his forces into two, and then pull mine back into one large group. I dropped a Dreadnought over on my right flank and then a Tactical squad at about the middle of the board where they would have a nice wall to stand behind. I then drove everything else as far forward as it could and braced for impact. On Jesters turn he was able to charge my Tactical squad with Astorath and his Jump Pack Marines. Luckily this left him really strung out and wasn't able to get all of his attacks against me. This alone let me survive the battle with a few Marines left.

On my turn it was time to get stuck in. I drove Lysander and his Assault Terminators over to help out my floundering marines. I took a shot at a Rhino with my Dreadnought and popped it. My Terminators and Lysander made short work of the Assault Marines and my Tactical Squad got a way, but I was about to be in for a world of pain.

On Jesters turn he managed to pop my Dreadnought, assaulted a Drop Pod with his Death Company Dreadnought (it was the closest target), and then charged three units of Death Company with Chaplains into my Terminators. Oh holey moley it was gonna be ugly.

I weathered the round of combat with about one Terminator and Lysander still standing. I was able to do a bit  of wound allocation on my unit since I had a Sergeant in there and that alone saved me. I think I had something like forty saves to make.

On my turn I decided to go whole hog. I knew the game would be won or lost dependingo n what happened in the combat in the middle of the table so I charged the few remaining members of the first Tactical Squad into the fray as well as another unit hoping for the best. While this was going on I dropped my Sternguard down behind his pair of Baal Predators and opened up with Combi-Meltas and Bolters. I managed to stun it so that was ok by me.

The giant combat in the middle of the table now encompassed about eight units and it was a mess to work out. Over the next few rounds of combat everything on my side of the fight were slowly picked off. I did manage to wipe out a full unit of Death Company and maybe even a chaplain. When it was all said and done there was a full squad left, a lone Chaplain, and a Chaplain with one Death Company remianing.

As that combat worked itself out the Dreadnought killed the Drop Pod, I killed one Baal Predator, Jester's Scouts came on and got in a Rhino, and my Scouts still hadn't made it (which was a good thing since they are worthless.)

In the final turn of the game I Gated my unit of Sternguard over and massacred the lone remaining Chaplain and then I flame Stormed the Chaplain and lone Death Company - I killed the Death Company model and scored a Kill Point.

When it was all added up we had a draw - 7 Kill Points to 7 Kill Points. It went to Victory Points and that point and Jester pulled out the win as he had killed pretty much everything of mine except for the Sternguard and Land Raider.

It was a hard fought game and my favorite of the day. I didn't make any huge mistakes, played it smart, and had a blast.

At the end of the tournament Monkey came in first by a pretty large lead followed by Jester and Bsimon. I managed to come in fifth. Everyone there seemed to have a really good time so it was a very succesful event.

At this point I have pretty much decided that I don't like my Imperial Fists at 1850. For whatever reason I just can't get them to perform at this level. I think a lot of it is that I built this army for 2000 and only have the models for that level of play - it just makes it hard to go down any points, I can't build what I want.  I think I will slowly start expanding this army but right now I am going to focus on my Orks - I think I will have much better luck playing them at 1850.