Pictures of the New Eldar Tanks

Here are a few shots of the new Eldar Tanks that have been floating around the tubes.

New Eldar Night Spinner

New Eldar Fire Prism

These pictures look to be out of a White Dwarf. I can't make out much of the text on the page but it looks to me like the Night Spinner model is saying something about AP3 EDIT: Saw a little bit larger picture and you can make out that is says AP-) I quess they were putting the stats in parenthesis. This looks to be different about the same as from the Imperial Armour rules that give the models Shadow Weaver guns a 72" range S6 AP- 7" Blast. Not sure if it will keep the 7" blast though. I like the look of this model.

The new Fire Prism loks a bit goofy to me. I am just not sold on it. It might impress me more in person but I am going to have to wait until I see it painted up nice to really be sold on this model. The barrel just looks too long to me - this might be because the current one is so short, I guess time will tell.

Personally I can't wait from some leaked pictures of the Deathstrike Launcher / Manticore.