Necron Monolith - Quick and Easy Paintjob

During my great cleanup I finished up my Necron Monolith. This model had been half assembled for about a year. This being the toughest tank in all of Warhammer 40k I decided that I needed to do it justice and get some paint on it.

It tooke me an evening to finish geting the model put together and primed. This kit is so big that I had a few problems getting all the joints to line up properly - especially at the top of the model. I had to hold some of the pieces for quite a while to get them to glue right. Not a big deal, but putting Space Marine Rhinos and Land Raiders together has spoiled me.

The next evening it was time to break out the airbrush. I put down a nice layer of Boltgun Metal over the entire model - just the same way as I did on my regular Necron Warriors. The best way to get the metallic paints out of the airbrush that I have found is to use rubbing alcohol to diltue the paint down.

I didn't end up with a super smooth layer on the tank. I either added too much or not enough alcohol, coupled with the fac that I used my crappy Badger airbrush instead of my dual-action aribrush to put down the paint, and I ended up with a bit of a globby spray.

This didn't slow me down! I just kept on going and put the paint on a bit thicker so that it would all flow together.

The end result was actually pretty nice for a model of this size. It almost added some texture to the large flat areas - almost like a marbling effect (almost.)

The next step was to pick out a few details with some gold. By a few, I do mean a few. The only bits that I picked out were right above the door. I decided that a modle this big and this old would hav a bit of weathering so I broke out my Vallejo Orange Red and put a light wash in all of the cracks. Once that dried I sprayed the whole model with Devlan Mud and let it dry.

Once it was dry I used PVA glue and I glued down all the green rods. As much as some people hate on the green rods on the interent to me it really made this model pop.

I haven't got a game in with my Necrons since finishing this model up but I am itching for the chance. The Monolith is just such an intimidating model.