The Doom of Malan'tai

A few weeks back I went to Tulsa for the weekend and I hit up a few of the hobby shops. While I was digging around in one of the miniature bargain bins to see if I could find any Warhammer 40k models I came across a model that would work perfectly for the new Tyranid Doom of Malan'tai.

The model that I found was a Reaper model from their Warlord line - The Devourer of Mashaf. Looking on Reapers site it looks like this little guy has been renamed to Devourer, Darkspawn Monster - lets you know how long this guy had been waiting for someone to take him home.

This miniature retails for about $18. I don't know that I would have picked him up as readily as I did if it had been full price since I am just petering around with my Tyranids. If you are serious about including the Doom of Malan'tai in your amry though, this wouldn't be a bad investment since a regular Zoanthrope from Games Workshop is $20.

The model is a bit bigger than a regular Zoanthrope but I don't think this will be an issue - it looks like this guy is going to fit just right on a 40mm round base.