Here is another oldie but goody that I found in the half-off bin some time back - a Chaos Space Marine with Icon of Nurgle.

I say this guy is an oldie but apparently he is still available off of the main Games Workshop website. This guy is really starting to show his age.

I really like this model. It fits in really well with the old plastic Plague Marines that I have. I like the pith-style helmet and the old-school Bolter. The gnarled stick adds a bit of a Nurgle feel to the whole model as well.

I painted this guy up in Death Guard colors because I wanted him to blend in with the most recent batch of Plague Marines that I painted up and I was happy with the very simple scheme. The model was primed black, airbrushed with Dheneb Stone, the armour ridges were picked out with Catachan Green, and then I just picked out a few details. I used Dwarf Bronze on the Bolter and I really like the way it turned out. After that I washed the model with a heavy dose of Devlan Mud and it was good to go.

All in all this was a very fun and easy model to paint. I look forward to getting him on the table.