Sometimes It Just Doesn't Work Out - The Mirror Lictor!

Ugh. I thought this was SUCH a good idea, but it really just didn't work out.

Behold - The Mirror Lictor!

The idea behind this model was to paint up a Tyranid Lictor that was mirrored. I don't know what I was thinking - I was hoping it would have some kind of Predator vibe to it. I assembled the model and primed it black and then hit it with a nice heavy coat of Krylon Chrome spray paint.

I will say that the execution on this model was perfect. It turned out exactly like how I wanted it to. The only thing is that it just doesn't look good. There is not definition or shading on the model and I have no Idea how you would add any.

The best part about this model to me is the base - though when I showed it to Jester he asked if it was piloting a time machine. I used pieces from the Bastion and Aegis Defense Line as well as a bit of textured plasticard for the base.

I thought about stripping this model and starting over but it is just so bad that I have to keep it around. Who knows - maybe the mirror Lictor while stalk onto a Warhammer 40k battlefield some day soon.