The Blood Drive part 4

The Fresh Prince of Be lakor air

I love the Be lakor model from the fantasy range. I believe he is now discontinued and only available on GW direct order. In my Khorne list the only anti tank I have is 1 thirster and 3 bare bone princes. I bought 3 Be lakor which is a great model and a great pose. I'm trying to make them all a little different as 3 of the same pose and paint job would make them rather bland all on the table at once. The Little story I made up for my princes is they're all brothers and they've all been rallied to the cause of the blood thirster. (all of which have yet to be named) The cause being most likely war or guaranteed bloodshed. I obviously need to get my thoughts more together on the fluff for this army. That's just what I've got outlined at the moment. Here is the WIP of the second prince.

On a side note my cats name is Chaos I named her about 4 years back when I started playing warhammer. She drinks paint water... Good Cat!