Armageddon Medusa part 3 - Traitor guard

After finishing building the medusa it is finally time to nurgle-ize the vehicle to match the rest of my army.  I added a nurgle demon head that I had in my bits box and added a series of buboes and boils to the vehicle all over.  At this point the turret is not glued down.  It is just there to help me visualize how the overall vehicle will look.
Here is another shot of the demon head on the front of the tank.  I used green stuff to blend it in to the hull.  I used a manticore head on the front of my hellhound, so this also ties into the overall tank theme of my army.
Here is a shot of the subfloor piece slid into the bottom of the tank.  It is a really tight fit and I had to really fight with it to get just this piece in.  The metal floor and gun piece also slide in, and this is the hardest part of the model to make it work right.  After I got all the green stuff work done, I taped off the holes to the interior to make painting it later easier.

The final Nurgle bit!  What is a tank without some nurlings helping to direct and otherwise cause general havoc? 
Next time I will show you the finished painted tank.