Imperial Fists - A Few of my Favorite Models

Having recently finished up my 2000 points Imperial Fists Space Marines army list I realized that I hadn't shown any pictures of some of my favorite models.

I will start out with the leaders of my force - Vulkan He'stan and a Librarian. Converting Vulkan He'stan over to my Imperial Fists was a bit of a challenge. This guy had Salamander iconography all over him. There was a symbol on his backpack, gauntlet, belt buckle, and spear. I dremeled off the belt buckle and gauntlet and cut the bit off of the backpack but had some challenges with the spear. I decided to just cut the whole tip off and convert up a tip instead of messing with sanding and dremeling the Salamander icon off of it.

I ended up using a Chaos Space Marine Khorne Berzerker's Plasma Pistol and a Space Wolves Frost Blade to re-make the tip of the spear. It all went together pretty well and isn't that noticable on the table.

Painting Vulkan yellow was also a prettty easy task. The hardest part was the inside of the cloak. I decided to use the same colors that I used on the Purity Seals for the inside. For the rest of the model I used the yellow secret sauce recipe and was done with him in no time flat.

The other leader of my forces is my trusty Librarian. He usually rides into battle inside a Drop Pod with my Sternguard Veterans. I always choose Gate of Infinity for one of his Psychic powers and have been using Force Dome as of late for his other.

I painted this guy up the same was as the rest of my force. I then went back and added a bit of detail to him. Librarians are 'supposed' to be blue so I painted his tabbard a nice dark blue color. I also wanted his eyes to glow so I did a bit of work with some Ice Blue to give them a glowing effect.

The part that stands out the most on this model is his banner. I glued the banner to his backpack and then applied one of the Imperial Fists icons from the vehicle transfer sheet. I used Micro Sol and Micro Set to get it to go on nice and smooth as I talked about in this post.

Next up are a pair of my unit Sergeants. I converted these guys to be wielding a Power Fist and a Combi-Melta. You can see how I converted the Combi-Meltas here. For the Power Fists I decided to use the claw portion off of a Tech Marine Servo-Harness. This fits in well with the theme of my army and looks pretty cool to boot.

This guy is one of my favorites in the whole army. I converted an Iron Warriors Warsmith over to a Sterngaurd Veteran. I filed off all the Chaos Icons and used different arms and a different backpack for him. I just love the helmet. This guy is carrying a Combi-Flamer that I made by chopping up a Flamer and gluing it to a Bolter. It was really easy.

And lasty we have my favorite model in the whole army. This guy is a Sternguard Veteran with a Power Fist. I just love the sculpt on this guy and the way he turned out just works. I did just a bit of weathering on his armor and I picked out one of the cooler looking bases for him since I dig the model so much. I love the way the gorget hides part of his helmet - makes me want to try converting some other Marines to look like this.

That wraps up my favorite models out of my army and hopefully you have a better idea on some of the techniques that I used. In the near future I will need to line everything up and get some full army pics up. Shouldn't be too long til I get that done.