Chimera 5 and 6 Finished! The Eyes Have It!

First chimera to be finished is the chimera for my astropath unit.  This is the chimera that I green stuffed the old Tomb kings bit to the top and added guitar wire all over.  The idea was that the astropath would channel the warp through the dead sorceror on the top.  I think this chimera looks okay... but it is probably my least favorite in my army.

The next Chimera turned out to be one of my favorites.  If you recall I robbed one of the rocks out of my wife's planter and used it to turn it into a leering eye in the back of my chimera.  Here it is once it is all painted up.
There they are!  The armored expansion is half way finished.... Only the medusa and one more chimera to go.  What do you think so far?