My Pair of Baals

Have you seen the Blood Angels 'leak' yet?  Most people certainly have.  Its out there and I think it looks pretty similar to the 5th edition rules 'leak' which panned out to be mostly correct.  What did I notice in the BA leak?  That a standard load out Baal predator is only 10 points more than it was before and this includes a twin linked assault cannon and a pair of heavy bolters.  The new Over Charged Engines won't require you to roll to see if the engine will stall (thank goodness!)- the tank will always be fast now, but it does mean that if a tank with OCE goes over 12" it will effectively be destroyed on the dice roll of a 3+. on a penetrating shot.  I don't think that rule is so great for a rhino, but here is where OCE engines will be nice:

On a baal predator!  You no longer have to roll to count as fast, so the tank will always be able to move 6" and fire everything or move 12" and fire the Assault cannon.  It can still go 18" if you need it to, but that will make it a Space Marine death trap.

With this logic I have gone ahead and finished painting up my second Baal Predator to reduce the amount of painting I have when BA drop.  Painting up three Storm Harbingers will be time consuming enough!

Here is my second baal:

and here they are together in all their majesty: