Armageddon Pattern Medusa Guide 2

Part 2 of the Armageddon Medusa. To begin with the enclosed portion of the tank a pair of side wall pieces are glued into the top. I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of detail on the interior of this vehicle, as I was worried about the area around the gun and what you would be able to see inside.

The enclosed portion has a pair of resin hatch doors that don't glue on very well. These are just barely attached at one point and I can see these as being something that will come off pretty regularly.

At this point I went ahead and also built the remainder of the tank. The tank itself is nothing more than a normal basilisk, but the back is left off the tank. The bottom portion of the resin kit fills in the gap where the earthshaker cannon would sit in the basilisk. At this point it had become pretty apparent that I would need to pain the interior of this tank, and if I am going to pain the tank I want to be able to open it to admire the work. To fix this I took the back door of the tank and added in a pair of paper clip pins to make the door where it could open and close.

The bottom piece of the interior was my favorite part and you can see it below. It is machinery and shells for the cannon. It just slid into the bottom of the compartment and was glued down. At this point I also test fit the gun and floor assembly which slid in over the shells and was horrified to see how difficult it was to fit it all in. After some trimming and filing I was able to make it all slide into the housing as it should. However it is still a very difficult fit. The gun supports have to slide past some of the detail and moulding on the side of the bottom compartment and the gun and floor makes the compartment want to flare outward. The top compartment piece then sits down on the whole thing and sort of squeezes it all together.

Finally I glued on the back door housing onto the top piece. The top resin piece was pretty bowed and this little piece took the bow out of the resin and held everything it its correct shape.

From here I primed the entire thing white and began painting the interior. Next time I will show you how I went about the painting of the interior and the final assembly.