Female Imperial Guard Resources

A while back I came across a thread on a forum about female Imperial Guard. Someone was looking for a source of female Imperial Guard heads. I didn't think too much of it at the time since the fledgling Imperial Guard force that I am working on is all wearing gas masks. But then I remembered that Jester actually had one of the very few female Imperial Guard models - the female Commissar. As you can see in this post he sold this model for a pretty penny quite a while back.

A marvelously painted example of the Imperial Guard Female Commissar

This got me to thinking about what other female Imperial Guard models there were. I looked around on the web a bit and came up with a pretty short list -

  • Female Commissar
  • Female Catachan w. Grenade Launcher
  • Female Tanith w. lasrifle
  • Female 'Last Chancers' - Rocket Girl and Warrior Woman
  • There were at least 3, and probably more like 5, female Guard in the Rogue Trader period of the Imperial Army.
Of these models the only ones available for purchase from Games Workshop are one of the Last Chancers models - I am guessing that it is Warrior Woman since she doesn't have a rocket launcher - and the female Catachan with Grenade Launcher - available from this blister (although it is random).

Warrior Woman

Female Catachan with Grenade Launcher

This little exercise in search led me down a path trying to find models that would work well as a stand-in for more female Guard models. The most recent offering that I found was for a female Imperial Guard head upgrade sprue from ChapterHouseStudios.com -

This kit came and went pretty quick. They are not longer available to buy on their website. Last I saw on this they were thinking about doing a resculpt to address a few issues that the community had with the models.

I looked around quite a bit but this was the only company that I found offering head models. From here on out it is complete models -but there are some real winners in this bunch.

Copplestone Castings is a European company that has some really slick models. Their Future Wars series actually has a few different sets of female models in it. My favorite were the FW 11 Female Troopers.

These models look like they would fit right in with either Cadian or Catachan forces. This set runs you about 8 British Pounds (which figures out to about $12.50 at the time of writing.) You might think that shipping would be an issue but it looks like they have a flat worldwide posting of 10% so that isn't too bad at all.

Another company that has a really nice female model is Urban Mammoth. Their female Land Pilot looks like it would make an excellent command squad model. This model is a bit pricier than those above ringing in at 4.50 British Pounds.

Well, that about sums up the different options that i have found so far. Sadly it looks like there just aren't that many out there. If anyone has a good source for more models drop a me a line in the comments and I will be sure to update this post.


Here are a few more pics and links from the comments -

Hasslefree Miniatures has a female head conversion set but they lack hair.

Micro Art Studio also offers a female head sprue. These have hair and are cast in resin.

Battlefield Berlin offers a little conversion kit. It comes with a head and a front armour piece.