Cheap and Effective Non GW White Primer

In an attempt to save you and myself some money I have been trying numerous hobby alternatives. The foremost in my attempts to make my gaming dollar go farther has been centered around me NOT buying any GW sprays or primers. I remember when a can was 8$ and I thought it was too expensive then (and it was if you look at how expensive the primer actually costs GW to make and sell). Now their primers and sprays have gotten up to 15$ a can which is well beyond rediculous.

Below is the best alternative primer I have found that is white. You can get it at Walmart for under $3.00 a can. yes, that means that GW is effectively marking a similar product up by 500%. This goes on smooth and does not obscure any details. GW and P3 paints go over it just fine, and even better - I haven't had any bubbling or particle heavy sprays from it like I sometimes got from GW sprays.

Here is what the can looks like:

And here is a picture of my most recent wraithlord sprayed so you can see a model for yourselves!