Death Korps of Krieg part 4

It's in the detail.

Going with the sky is the limit with my DKoK army I decided to make it as real as my current modeling/painting skill level would allow. I've done a metric ton of internet research on everything from the DKoK's themselves to WW2 to current tanks and soldiers uniforms. I would be lying if I said I wasn't completely stoked about this army. What really has gotten me all worked up is the vehicles. Since my last army (Renaissance marines) I've learned a lot about vehicles and painting. I'm ready to put all this theory into practice. I've constructed up 5 tanks now and I would like to think that each one tells a story. The 4 below will all eventually be hydra flak tanks.

They first hydra is one of my favorites. I put little indention all over the front of the vehicle centering most of the dents around the front hatch. This was to represent the traitor guard shooting a heavy stubber at the front of the tank every time the hatch was opened trying to take out a DKoK that was inside. I also included extra treads in case the tank got immobilized and needed to make field repairs. I also bent the ladder on the other side to show that this tank has been in use. If you've ever walked past construction vehicles you would know that almost everything is bent and well 'used' on treaded workhorses. I included a couple of used gas cans on the back placed casually as if they were thrown to the side after use.

This one is my favorite. I included an auto cannon shot from the traitor guard into the left front track guard. I have DKoK lasguns leaned up on the sand bags on the left of the vehicle. The guardsmen have undoubtedly been fighting off troops to the left side of the vehicle as all the sand bags are piled up on that side with the spare guns laying about by the top hatch. I also included the ammo crate on this one so they wouldn't run out of ammunition fending off the infantry.

This tank I've included lots of shovels on top and some on the side as well as a tow cable on the side. This tank was recently stuck in the mud. The dangers of trench warfare. While stuck the tank and crew were taking some heavy fire to the front of the vehicle. I'm guessing from an Auto cannon heavy weapons team from the damage up front.

This last hydra just came to the front lines. It has no damage yet and hasn't had to drop sand bags off any where yet. Also all the tools are secured in there right spots and all the luggage and baggage are in their rightful place on the side of the vehicle.