March Rumor Roundup

There are a few juicy tidbits of information that have been floating around this month. Most of the rumors that I have seen have been focusing on Dark Eldar, Forces of the Inquision, and even a bit of Necron news thrown in.

From what I have been seeing the most likely next release at this point is Dark Eldar. Grey Knights are also getting a lot of attention at this point.

ColonalKlink from Warseer had this conversation with a local GW Manager -
righto, tonight i was chatting to the local GW boss, when i asked about a future Necron codex stating that i didnt want to spend £400 on an army if the new codex is coming out this year, he promply stated "There are no necrons this year, its dark eldar" to which i replied "excuse me?" he promptly shut up and tried his best to change the subject but i persisted... and got nothing out of him, now usually i would dismiss this as GW staff "foging the truth" but i know this guy personally and would know if it was untrue(i.e he was lieing)
also as a manager i believe he would know what at least some of the line up is in the coming year, so take from this what you will ladies and gents, just passing on the tiny bit of info
Usually I wouldn't put too much stock in something like this but Boss 'eadbreaka over at Dakka shares a similar story from his local GW store -
After visiting my nearest GW store, I noticed that they were having 'a model of the month' painting competition and the model of the month happened to be the Dark Eldar Incubi. To enter, you had to buy a box of Incubis, paint them and enter them in the comp.
Seeing this, I mused to my friend jokingly, 'Maybe they're just trying to get rid of the stuff that's going to be updated'.
However, a red shirt overheard me and asked me how I knew that and not to mention it again or else I would be thrown out of the store.

Are the DE no longer update proof?
I don't know how reliable the above rumors are but it does seem strange to see similar stories start popping up.

BOLS is even on the Dark Eldar release bandwagon
. They had an article this month about how they think the Dark Eldar are on their way.

On to the Necrons! The big news this month comes from Warseer care of first time poster Necrons2011 -

Hello, I can't start a thread.

I have some information regarding the development of a Necron codex. I do not normally come on Warseer, but thought you would appreciate this information – hence the small number of posts. You have no reason to put faith in me – and I am not prepared to prove my validity at potential detriment to my career. I do not want to specify my exact employment with Games Workshop for this reason.

Necrons have completed the initial concept phase of their line expansion. Release schedule is currently for January 2011.

This conceptual phase has been stop-start for some time – it is a product range that has massive potential, and Games Workshop have been very uncertain of the most lucrative theme by which to capitalise on its fanbase. The development is considered a high-risk investment – a commitment problem that the team is well aware of, and is exacerbated by there being multiple such high-risk line expansions currently being pursued.

3 multi-part plastic kits have been finalised as:

- Immortals
- Spyders
- The Necromancer

Immortals are on a large (35mm) base; they are redesigned as larger, bulkier and more dynamic.

Spyders have 3 different builds

The Necromancer is the central sell of the line expansion and has been the focus of much of the early design process. It has been through several incarnations (and names), but is essentially of the same principle as the Bone Giant for the Warhammer Fantasy range. It has a mechanised skeletal torso housing a suspended crystal, and will likely have a choice between two horrific weapons.

That is all the information I can disclose. I will not post any more.

I would like to add that development staff are getting very frustrated by headquarters’ increasingly tyrannical policies – within and between departments – with regards to information restriction. It’s absurd, and unnecessary.
Seems very mysterious! Only time will tell on these - hopefully we will start to see more rumors soon on these guys.

Quite a bit of Inquisition news this month as well. Earlier in the month Games Workshop removed the Witch Hunters Codex from the online store and there have been reports of people not being able to order it from their local shops as well.

Son_Of_A_Horuse from Warseer has heard rumor of plastic Inquisition models -

It was recently mentioned by a blackshirt near me that it is most likely we are to see the arrival of Inquisition models in plastic relatively soon. This was spawned by the mentioning of the Grey Knights in the description of the Blood Angel StormRaven and the prompt removal of a lot of Inquisiton stock from the shelves instore...IF this is the case, my dream of having an enormous force of the Inquisition will become true.
This seems to fall in line with the rumored 3-up Grey Knight models from a while back.

It also looks like some stores are not carrying the existing Grey Knight models any more. Chaoslordx13 from Dakka has the following news -

Today me and my friend went into our local games workshop so he could buy some grey knights, but when we tried to order some online since the store no longer carried any, we got an error that said that the item was not being sold anymore. The guys at the store were surprised as well and even called another GW to check but they said that they didnt have any and didnt know about the website.

The employee at our store said that it may mean that they were gona release a new codex, but that they hadnt received any info on it which seemed very strange.

Anyone else have any ideas or trouble getting grey knights?
This next one is less of a rumor and more of a news item. The April White Dwarf has a section saying that there will be some new Eldar and Imperial Guard vehicles in June. There is a bit of speculation about what these vehicles will be. Too_hot_to_handle from Heresy Online is predicting a plastic Fire Prism and a Night Spinner -

with spearhead been announched the eldar and guard will be getting some new goodies.

So for guard they will be getting a dual kit that makes the deathstrike, and medusa?[im not a guard player so not 100% on the names]

The eldar will also be getting 2 tanks, the fire prism redone fully in plastic, and the Nightspinner.


EDIT* also coming out will be the support weapons in plastic with all the variants
Warseer has a thread with the collected rumors on the new vehicles -
No actual models have been officially confirmed, however reports are indicating the following are likely candidates.

Imperial Guard:

Leman Russ/Standard/Vanquisher/Exterminator/Eradicator: Similar to the Demolisher kit the new kit will be capable of creating the remaining Leman Russ variants currently without a model. Will probably increase in price to match the Demolisher kit

Manticore/Deathstrike: Hybrid kit combining the two 'missile launcher' vehicles from the codex. Expected to cost the the same as a Demolisher kit.


Fire Prism/Nightspinner: Full plastic Kit. Fire Prism crystal/turret is said to get a redesign making it slimmer and more in line with the Forgeworld MkII superheavy tanks. Nightspinner will have rules within the white dwarf for use in eldar armies. Probable price increase to match the Demolisher Kit.

Support Weapon Battery: Plastic versions of the eldar heavy support weapons. Vibro cannon, D-cannon, and Shadow weaver.

Cobra/Scorpion Superheavy Tank: Small whispers about a possible plastic superheavy for the army. However it is now believed to not be part of this release.


Warbuggy/Wartrakk/Skorcha Kit: Vague information on this, however CAD drawings have been seen a good while back but apparently the design has been scrapped for something else. A picture taken in 2008 is below.

And lastly this month we have news of a Death Korps of Krieg PDF update that will bring them in line with the new Imperial Guard Codex - From Zetaplus at Warseer -
Hey guys, I don't post here often but this one has me excited. Have just received confirmation from one of the gents at FW that they are currently working on a PDF update to the DKoK list to bring them into line with the recent IG codex! If this has already been posted mods please feel free to close.

That about does it for this month. I left out all of the Blood Angels rumors that popped up this month since most stores have an advance copy of the Codex at this point. Did I miss anything else? Let me know in the comments.