Imperial Guard Manticore Conversion - Done with the Conversion

Here are some shots of the my Imperial Guard Manticore conversion that I have finished the modeling on. In my last post I showed you how I built up the rear platform and in this one I will show you how I finished up the conversion and what the finished model looks like.

In this shot you can see the base of the Catalyst Rocket Launcher from Quantum Gothic. I trimmed down the 'feet' off of the base to get it to fit. Once I did that it fit like it was made to go there. I then added some rivets to the top piece that I had made out of plasticard. These rivets are a bit bigger than the ones on the rest of the tank but that is fine with me - it makes it look like they bolted this piece in to a standard Chimera STC (which I kinda did!)

Here is a rear shot of the model. You can see at the bottom where I added some feet back to the cylinders, I had previously cut these off. I added some replacement parts that were a bit longer to fit between the gap that I had when I repositioned the door. I also added some rives to the plate behind the door - it ties it together with the top plate.

Here is a side and front profile shot of the almost finished model.At this point all I have to add is the Heavy Bolter and the tracks (which wont be added until after painting - I am going to paint them separate.)

I can't wait to get this model painted up. I am going to be using some of the weathering techniques that Littleboyblues went over a while back as well as some of the ones that I tested out on my heavily weathered Ork Looted Wagon. I don't think I will go as overboard as I did on that model but I do want some paint chips and rust.

I am pretty happy with how this model is turning out. I will probably model up a second at some point and I learned quite a bit form this one. In the next iteration I would take the time and build out a box for the back. This would let me sit the rocket launcher further back and would look more in line with the 'official' Manticore model. All in all I think it is a sound conversion and my opponents shouldn't have a hard time figuring out what it is (if I ever get this army finished that is.)