Fneryll Miniatures - Plague Daemon

Here is a model that I have been working at off and on for several months - Fenryll Miniatures Putrid Horror.

I a very nice conversion over at Santa Cruz Warhammer of this model being used as a Nurgle Daemon prince and I immediately went out and ordered one. Finding a reseller in the US was a bit tricky but I finally found a nice site. I usually stick to Citadel and Games Workshops models for my Warhammer 40k gaming but this model was just too neat to pass up. I already have three different Daemon Princes (2 Slaanesh and one Scratchbuilt Nurgle Prince) but there is always room for more.

During the great cleanup I finally got around to painting this model. It was really fun to paint since it has such neat texture and character. I painted this guy the standard way that I do my Nurgle models - basecoat black, spray with Catachan Green, then highlight with Putrid Green, a few browns, Dheneb Stone, and then a heavy wash of Devlan Mud.

I put a bit more effort into this guy since he was such a neat model. After the wash was dry I went back and did a bit of highlighting and dry-brushing to draw attention to some of the more interesting bits. I also used more reds and purples on this guy than I normally do.

I am still dragging my feet on basing this guy - he is a bit weedy compared to a standard Daemon Prince so I will have to do something special to bulk him up. My current plan is some kind of pillar on a base to lift him up a bit.