Doomrider! - What Was I Thinking?

A few weeks back at the doubles tournament down in Conway I saw a model in the used cabinet that I just couldn't live without - Doomrider!

This guy is one of the more interesting Warhammer 40k miniatures that I have come across. He is starting to show his age (he is a bit goofy) and there aren't any current 'official' rules for him - but that's ok! Doomrider doesn't care about any of that!

The model was in a pretty sad state. Ole Doomrider had been primed black and had a LOT of glue holding him together. This didn't stop me - my buddy Simple Green would make it all a-ok.
A few days in the tank and this is where I am at on this model -

Wow. He is looking pretty rough at this stage but I have high hopes! I am planning on using some Privateer Press Paints on this guy and I have a really bright and vibrant pink/purle color picked out that should work nicely.

I am not sure on his bike - i damaged a few of the spikes while pulling him off of it but I think it will be ok. I am planning on painting hip separate from his ride so that will let me see how it turns out before I glue him down.

The next step is to assemble as much of the model and bike as I can and then prime the model white and get to painting. I usually use a black primer, but I want this model to be bright and vibrant so white it is!