Defiler Objective Markers

When Bell of Lost Souls announced they were having an objective marker competition I decided to throw my hat into the ring.

I thought about it for a few days and couldn't come up with anything good. A few days before the competition due date I was digging through my bits box and found most of a Defiler. Apparently I was saving it for something and this contest turned out to be just what I was saving it for.

I used my razorsaw to cut the pieces down to size, glued them to the bases, and then got busy painting. I wanted this to be a Death Guard Defiler so I used bone and green for the main colors. I don't think the starting colors ended up having much impact on the models because I HEAVILY weathered these pieces. I wanted them to look like they had been sitting out in the elements rusting away.

I used tons of MIG Powders and Rust Effects to get them where they are. I applied layer after layer to them and they turned out just how I was wanting them to.

The competition should start in a few days and I am anxious to see how I place.