New Additions - Ork Battlewagon and Trukk

This week I finished up two Ork vehicles. I have had these models sitting around for quite a while but with the upcoming Hogs of War Spring League I knew I needed to get another Trukk ready. Since our first game is going to be this Friday I knew it had to be done this week. Since I do so much work on my vehicles with an airbrush and these vehicles were going to be the same color I decided to build up a second Battlewagon at the same time.

The first step was to assemble the models. I learned a few lessons from when I built up my previous Ork vehilces and I left the wheels and tracks off of the model. I assembled these models a bit more spartan than I have in the past. I didn't put any boarding planks on the Trukk - I wanted it to look stripped down for speed. The only real conversion work I did on the Trukk was adding a reinforced ram. I left a few pieces off of the Battlewagon as well - I didn't build up the back of the troop area and I didn't build any of the extra turrets (I threw them in the bits box since I am sure they will find a home in the future). Again, I wanted this model to look stripped down for speed - the only extra thing it will be getting is the Deff Rolla. With the recent ruling that Deff Rollas work on vehicles I expect to see a lot more of them on the field and I am just doing my part.

Since the Battlewagon was going to be getting a Deff Rolla I had a spare front piece. I used a few bits to connect this to the Trukk and it really changed the whole silhouette of the model.

The wheels and trakks are going to be primarily black with a Boltgun drybrush so there was no point in painting them orange with the airbrush.

Since I was in a hurry on these models I didn't physically distress them like I have in the past. Instead I used the same technique that I used on my Killa Kans and Deff Dread where I loaded up a large flat brush with black paint and just dragged it parallel to the model to add chips and scratches. I then went over that with a large coarse brush loaded with Boltgun Metal.

Once that dried I picked out a very few details with brass and red and then washed the whole model with Badab Black.

I sealed the models with some Dull Cote to knock down the shine and they are now table ready.

I continue to be amazed at the GW washes. That is basically the only difference in these two sets of pictures and the models with the wash just look hands down better.

This should tide me over on Ork vehicles for a while. In the next leg of the league I will be bringing out some of my walkers. By the end of the whole shebang I plan on having nine Killa Kans and two Deff Dreads so at some point I will have to slip back into Ork building mode.