Its Gotta Be Special

Multiwound tyranids, thunderwolves and armor oh my! What to do for my Ig list but upgrade the number of special weapons in my list! After some scrounging, begging and bartering with Big D I have come up with enough special weapons to round out all the goodies that are coming my way to expand my traitor guard. When this batch is done, I should be able to field 10 meltas, 10 plasma guns, 6 flamers and 6 grenade launchers if the need strikes me..... Clearly this is to make use for more armor (read chimera spam) that I will also be working on in the near future. Now if so many of these bits weren't metal it would make life a little easier.

Converting the guard up is pretty simple. Application of the razor saw to the special weapon, then the old weapon on the arm. I add in a paper clip pin between the two, since the weapons are heavy and they tend to come free of the model after a lot of play.