Rumor Mill - Ogres

Guess which army is starting to have some chatter come down the tubes - Ogres! Over the last week or so I have started seeing quite a bit of talk about Ogres getting a new book. The general consensus is that either Tomb Kings or Ogre Kingdoms are next in line for a new book.

A good while back there was quite a bit of talk about some new rules for Tomb Kings but it has since gone silent on that front.

I am not quite sure about how reliable that all of the following rumors are on this subject. Right now it is looking like the big summer release is going to be a new edition of Warhammer Fantasy so only time will tell.

Ogre Kingdom rumors from the BOLS Lounge -

Originally Posted by Bigred @ BoLS lounge

Possible for ‘summer release’ (June/July/August)

Plastic Rhinox kit able to make a scrap launcher, rhinox ridden by an irongut rider (with parts for a lord or butcher) or a third variant that will be a gnoblar fighting platform/ chariot. 100+ pieces.

No giant remake.

No changes to plastics current.

A *possible* plastic set for tyrant/slaughter master. Price is ‘on par with the minotaur lord, if it happens’.

New Gorger, metal and disturbing.


Gnoblar Fighting Platform

Rhinox Riders

Gnoblar hero choice, riding a giant (possible as a mount upgrade, as opposed to a special character?)

A halfling that got lost and now lives in an ogre camp, disgused as something icky no doubt (entry in list?)


A Leadbelcher upgrade for Tryrants, with grapeshot, worked out per the old warpthrower rules.

“Hidden" rule for hunter and trappers. 4+ to see at long range

Slave Giants

Slave giant "barge" attack, d3 impact hits at s6 if charging father than 6 inches, plus 1 to roll on chart. Possibly get extra rules when near the tyrant. More than a "tacked on feel" in the list.

Rhinox riders are possibly more like a single model than units

Fixes to the ranking problem and a tighting to the spikefists. they have quite a few army wide rules

Dogs of war rule is in there. so far.

Slaughtermaster won’t require a Tyrant to use them

Change to Leadbelcher fire rule

Hunter cannot shoot and move

Ogres have same base armour save for gut plates

Bulls as of now are cheaper with more default gear.

Gnoblar are the same in points.

Ironguts are now the elite unit of hungry ogres they are.

The magic items and big names are getting the same treatment as VC. Butchers are getting overhauled completely.

"Nowhere to run!" Gnobular rule that allows Gnoblars to rally at the end of a flee move if they flee through Ogres. They take d6 casualties.

Iron fists give an extra attack and a 6+ armour save.

Core choices will be cheaper by around 5 points.


Gutmagic is gone, replaced by bound spells that effect the unit the butcher is in, with a ranged spell. Level equals spells known. They are bought (ingredients)as of now they also impart a MR equal to the level they are. lord is a level 3, hero can be 1 or 2. only one per unit. One item for a Lord causes enemy wizards to roll every dice they generate and lose them on a 6 (hungry maw) then the number eaten modifies the roll on the Ogres miscast list. Item lasts whole game and counts as an army wide rule. 100pts

Now its current incarnation is a magic item at 100pts. It confers an army wide rule, like the Warshrine. No roll at the beginning of anything. Every turn the opponent rolls his/her PD or DD and throws away any 6. those are the maws now. Dice held in items dont roll. unless they get used. The pool gets rolled anytime your hot finger touches a dice to roll in the magic phase, on a 6 its gone, including MR. This does NOT effect the OK player. to be clear. for every 6 rolled you keep track of it. this modifies the roll on the miscast table. the new one you force the wizard to roll on. it looks like the OK one now..

Your level equals the spells you can buy off a list of spells. The spells are ingredients. For example Troll fat is an ingredient that gives regen. On a 2+ the Butcher gets regen, takes a wound on a 6+, on a 6+ the units the Butcher is in get regen, he takes a wound. Each model takes a wound on a 6+ no saves, (maw is hungry).

Butcher will take a wound on a when its eaten by him. Always if its the unit. Also its RIP as now, one effect a unit, at a time.

That is quite a list! Not sure how much of this will make it to the final book but some of it sounds pretty nice. The new Ogre magic just sounds confusing from the rumors but I bet it all gets tightened up before release.