Thoughts on the new GW plan on army books

So with wildeyes thoughts on the Apoc units I've been thinking on another tread in the new army books for both systems. Just look at all the stuff they have been adding new without models this edition compared to 4th ed and the older fantasy army books.

Nids have 4 units that do not have any model for them, Beastmen have 3 or so, Skaven has about the same. The only book I can think of that doesn't add new units in it that they have no model released for is Space Marines, but with it being the most popular and the biggest range I am not surprised on that.

So whats in GW's mind you think? My thoughts are that with so many good plastic kits they have out for most armies they need more stuff they can make new and sell. Which is good for the player as they get more options for each army that is out there and we get to see more awesome conversions till they model finally arrives in GW's line.

So any thoughts on this? Is it a good or bad move on GW's part?