Rules Query - Gets Hot - How Do You Play It?

A while back in ye olde garage Jester hit upon something that we hadn't really noticed before. He has started fielding a few more Plasma gunners here and there in his list and an issue with Gets Hot popped up -

If you have multiple plasmagunners in a squad how do you roll for gets hot? Do you roll them all at once and take armor saves on any ones as a group, or do you roll each gun separately and the model that rolls any ones rolls them?
After a bit of debate we decided that each gunner should roll their shots and armor saves individually. This keeps trooper B from dying when trooper A's gun overheats.

Fast forward just a bit and it looks like we aren't the only ones who have had this issue lately. Over at Corbania Prime this weekend they ran into the same issue and here is the way that they worked it out -

Now my opinion is ...........

That you have to roll each guy separately so that any 1's are applied to that specific model. I base this opinion of the following. Page 31 of rulebook states "For each result of a 1 rolled on it's to hit rolls, the firing model suffers a wound.".

For me, then sentence is a singular one, it doesn't say unit, so they can't be passed on to non plasma guys in the unit. It doesn't say 'models', so it can't be passed between plasma gunners or all lumped on one guy. It says 'model', and so in my opinion, that means that you have to roll separately for each plasma gunner, so that you can determine if that model firing has rolled a 1 and suffers a wound.
They have a ton of responses in the comments on this article. The majority of posters agree with the above way of doing it but there are a few who just roll them all at once. It seems that they don't do it from a rules stand point but from wanting the process to go faster.

What do you guys think? How do you roll them and what do you think the 'official' rule should be on this?