Link - Bone Sword and Lash Whip Conversion

Hydra over at BOLS has an excellent tutorial on creating some easy and sharp looking Lash Whips and Bone Swords for the new Tyranids. I have seen several conversion of Bone Swords where they just cut off the blade of the Scything Talon and turn it upside down but this conversion really looks good and doesn't look like too much work - especially if you batch converted these.

Does anyone else have any good Lash Whip or Bone Sword conversion ideas?

Here are the highlights from the article at BOLS. Head on over to this link to check out the rest. -

Hey all!

My name is Simon Schnitzler, aka "Hydra" and I'm gonna walk you converting Tyranid Warriors with Boneswords and Lashwhips. Lets get to it!

As long as I remember, I have been madly in love with monsters. And though I started back in the dark and glorious days of kitchen-floor-fighting-2nd Edition with Blood Angles, my true interest was always those gribbly monsters from beyond the galaxy.

The 5th Edition on the Tyranid Codex is here and there are tons of possibilities included to let your creative juices flow. The kind members of BoLS gave me this opportunity to bring you my ideas for conversions of non existant models or biomorphs. So, jump in the pool and enjoy my ramblings about claws, biomorphs and happy spawnings.

Lash Whip


And here are your finished warriors...TADA!!!