Airbrush Tips From has a new video going over some good tips for the new airbrush user. I wish that this had been around when I started looking at getting an airbrush.

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The biggest tip in there that I saw for the new user was to not start on a cheap airbrush and then move up to a better, more expensive one but to start out with a more expenive, better model and then get good with that. I think that this would have saved me a lot of frustration and really improved my skills a lot faster than what they have.

I started off with a really cheap Badger airbrush and it does well for base-coating models but isn't good for much else. When I bought a small airbrush compressor it came with a 'free' double action airbrush and it is tons better. It is a really low quality airbrush and I can only imagine what a better one would do.

Another good tip in the above video is where he talks about taping off parts of the model. I have done this before but not for use with an airbrush. I got laze assembling a Land Raider once and didn't want to paint the tracks individually so I just taped off the sides and hit it with the black spray paint. The easiest way would have been to paint the tracks separately before putting them on but I hadn't learned that lesson yet.

If you like the above video be sure to head over to and watch some more of their videos. There is a huge amount of videos over there that cover a ton of topics. Well worth checking out.