Imperial Fists Assault Terminators - Squad Finished

I finished up my squad of Assault Terminators a few weeks back and thought I would share the finished results with you.

In the last post on these guys I showed you where I got the hammer and shields from and had a model taken all the way up to the dipping stage.

Since then I finished up the other four models and got them based. I am really liking the way the bases are turning out on these guys. They are very dark and metallic and contrast nicely with my bright models.

My current setup is to run these guys in my Land Raider Redeemer with Vulkan. This makes this unit a HUGE fire magnet - but that is it's job. On turn one it drives as fast as it can towards the juiciest target on the board and then pops smoke. Against the Guard I am lucky to be able to do this twice in a row so I have to be very careful about deploying and picking my target with this guy.

On the table I have had a very mixed bag with these guys. It is very hard for me to say that they haven't been doing but I suffer way too many casualties on this unit for what they are. So far I don't think I have lost the entire unit except for in one game. The problem I have with them is that I am not making my saves. By turn three or four I usually have one model left. It is amazing. One game I lost three guys to a vehicle explosion. The remaining two went on to wreck the line. I am hoping that my die rolling averages out before my next tournament and these guys survive intact for at least a round or two of murderous hand-to-hand.