Camo? We don't need no stinkin camo!

Apparently my scouts didn't get the memo about blending in and being stealthy -

I picked up this unit of 5 scouts to add another scoring unit to my Imperial Fists army on the cheap since I am running really tight on points.

So far they have performed about like I thought they would - not very well. Five scouts just isn't enough to do much with offensively. I think in all the games they have played they have killed 3 models. Defensively they do a bit better. Since they aren't much of a threat they are usually one of the last units to be targeted. This makes them pretty good objective holders. I am also able to throw them off on their own to hold an objective since I have a pretty mobile army help is never that far away.

Painting them was pretty fun and a bit of a gag. I was originally going to camo them up but once I got the basecoat and details on them the idea of bright yellow scouts trying to hide in the woods and burnt out buildings just made me chuckle too much to try and make them blend in.

I REALLY wanted to fit Telion in this unit but I just don't have the points for it. I think a ten man squad with a heavy bolter with it's poisoned shells and the rest with Sniper rifles coupled with Telion's assassin like shooting would be a pretty good threat. Throw in some camo cloaks and you have a hard hitting unit with tons of staying power in cover. The only thing is this setup just doesn't lend itself well to my list and there aren't any spare points to make it happen even if I wanted to. Oh well - there is always Apocalypse!