Vendetta Fun

So the Vendetta on my fledgling IG army is complete. I had to put some thought into what the camo pattern was going to be since all other vehicles are going to have to have this camo pattern repeated. When I think of tanks and artillery, I think of WWII tank battles in rubble strewn streets (Saving Private Ryan is a perfect example). And if it is the middle of winter and there is snow on the ground, all the better to fit that cold hard bleak imagery.

The color pallet would be grays and whites. The pattern would be jagged stripes to help blend with ruins and snow. After painting the whole thing Adeptus Battlegray, I tore strips of painter's tape (the blue stuff) and taped off the areas to be painted Codex Gray. I repeated this process with smaller areas painting it Elf grey. Not too complicated, and it achieved what I imagined.

Now to add some personal touches. The toothy mouth I have seen on military aircraft like the A10 Thunderbolt and liked very much - very aggressive, predatory appearance. I then added scratches all along the hull to reflect the wear and tear from being on a long campaign. Very fitting for IG - not too worried about looking pretty some much as smashing the enemy at any costs.

The interior and cockpit are detailed to the activity that would be going on inside (lights, read-outs, buttons, dials, etc). The pilot in the front seat has his mirrored visor down signifying being focused on the business at hand. The backseat gunner is more in scan mode; his visor is up and is looking out the side; read-outs showing targets to acquire. Both have graphics on their helmets.

On a more practical note, the TL Lascannons on the wings are attached by magnets so I can convert to a different loadout when GW makes the Vendetta not viable anymore (just my skeptical nature).