More Nid Info

Know I know how Monkey felt on the eve of the Space Wolf codex release. We are still over a month away, but the pictures are up on GW's site along with some added info about some of the changes. New models look decent. I think the Venomthrope is my favorite - lots of tentacles. Some of the things that caught my attention:

Genestealers are still troops and can get a Broodlord as an upgrade
Hormagaunts are 5 pts (dust them off and put them back on the roster, boys)
Carnifexs have had a stat reducion (nervous) but you can still field up to 6
Venomthrope wounds on 2+, provides 5+ cover to all within 6", and can target individual models with it's lash whips (hello mr. power fist)
Zoanthropes are moving from Heavy to Elite FOC.

Not seeing or hearing anything that I can't stomach (pun intended) at this point. I have yet to hear what they did to rending. Rumors speculated it was going back to auto wound on the to-hit roll. We shall see.