BFG Board

I wanted to make a bfg board for my fleet that would be more exciting that just playing on the kitchen table.

First I went and bought some hard board from my local hardware store it comes in 4' by 8' sheets. It cost me around $11. I then measured 4 foot and cut it in half. I used an electric powered jig saw for this. This will leave me with a 16 square foot section that I'm going to use to base my cities of death buildings on.

One side of the hard board is very slick and shiny. Paint could have trouble sticking to this. I took an electric sander and 220 sand paper and scuffed this side of the board. Be sure and take a rag or cloth and wipe off all the dust generated from sanding as this will also affect the paint.

I bought a quart of flat black paint at the store and just used a house painting roller and applied it to the surface of the board this cost me about $5.

Next I took a couple of random spray cans of paint from my cabinet. (purple, orange, yellow, red) I lightly misted these in places to represent the colors of space and gases and what not that float around.

For the stars you'll need an old tooth brush and flat white craft paint. I dip the tooth brush in the paint and then flick my finger across the loaded bristles. This creates a spray pattern. If you're unfamiliar with this technique I would recommend trying it before you use it straight on your board.

And the Finished board!

I'm pretty happy with how this turned out I started it on a whim about 8pm and about 10pm I was done with the project.

Hard Board = 11
Black Paint = 5
Spray Paints = 5
White Craft Paint = 2
Total Cost of Board = 23 bucks

With Fletch and I having just finished our first fleets I'll be sure to throw down on this table as soon as we get a chance and post a battle report.