Necrons, a different take

I recently painted up a necron force. (not entirely done) I wanted something different than the same old same old. If you don't know what that means simply go to Google and type in 'necron'. You should be bombarded with pics of armies dry brushed silver and some of the fancier ones include washes. Necrons are suppose to be an ancient race and I'm not sure on the exact type of metal they're made of. (I'm sure it's some kind of super fancy space metal) Most metals I've ever dealt with rust. If they don't rust then they surely can and do oxidize. I don't know about fancy space metals but I wanted to try a more realistic approach with my necrons. I went with earth tones and a heavy weathered and rusted affect. Since I went with earth tones and browns the green rods did nothing to complement the army. I went to plastruct and ordered me some neon blue rods. (a company that makes more plastic do dads than you can shake a stick at) This would provide the contrast within the army to make it pop and not look completely boring. I also tried adding object source lighting to the mix to break up some of the models. This was my first large scale attempt at object source lighting.

What do you think?