Gnoblar Scraplauncher - Trials and Tribulations


I have found it.

Found what, you ask?

I have found the most horrible and difficult model to put together that GW - nay! - ANY company has put out - the Gnoblar Scraplauncher.

You may think your Lictors, Death Guard with broken las guns, and metal Skeletons are bad - but they pale in comparison to this beast.

I told you what a hunk of pewter it was - but that is only half the story. The other half is that there are no directions and there is no picture on the box. I fiddled around with the pile of pieces - about 212 seperate pieces of pewter (if I remember right) - and look at the few pictures I could find on the internet that showed it assembled.

My original plan was to assemlbe the entire model, paint it, and then glue it to a based and painted base. That went out the window quickly as I realized that without gluing anything to the base it would be impossible to make any progress on getting this hunk o junk put together.

In an effort to keep this level of frustration from happening to anyone else I decided to document the construction process and post it to the web.

Above is the olny picture that I took before rage overcame me and I forgot to take any more pictures. You are looking at 11 different pieces that have been put together - and these are the largest pieces. All the rest of the pieces were more spindly and delicate than these.

It took me three nights of working on this thing to get it put together. One thing that made it take a bit longer is that I was determined to not use any pins on this model.

You heard that right - no pins. I was going to leave it all in the hands of the Gorilla Super Glue. I have to say that I am even more impressed with this glue than I was before. Even though it took me several days of working on it - I would let the glue sit overnight to cure as I assembled large pieces - I would say that the overall time spend actually working on the model was a ton less than it would have been if I had pinned everything that I would have had to pin if I used my old glue.

The glue has held up really well. The whole piece feels like one solid bit and has survived two games and a ride in my car without foam and hasn't had any issues.

In the two games that Ihave used this guy so far it hasn't really blown my skirt up. I think the grand tally is two skinks and one marauder. I guess I will just have to play more games to get it to pay for itself in points - I do get to add them up across games don't I?

Now as much as I have complained about this model I will say this - I love it. It oozes character and has to be one of my all time favorite models - fielding this guy is more about performance - it is about bragging rights.