Skaven Doomwheel!

Man, this model was fun from start to finish.

I picked this modle up the day it came out and started working on it off and on while I finished up a few units of slaves. It was just a tad bit tricky - you have to put the inner and outer sections of the wheels together a certain way or everything won't line up - I got lucky and put mine together the right way - something to watch out for if you are building one.

I painted this guy up using my standard technique - prime, spray base coat, hit details, and then wash. For the wash on this guy I used LBursley's method with a dark brown wash I brewed up.

This model is pretty much complete at this point. I think the base looks a bit empty so I will probably add a few crates and a giant rat or two.

Can't wait to take this contraption for a spin and unleash some furious warp blasts!