Ogre Kingdoms - The Butchers Three

Here are my converted Ogre Butchers. I built them out of green stuff and Ogre Bulls. These guys were really fun to make and weren't that difficult to do.

I glued the models together and then draped a nice sized square of green stuff with two "legs" over their bodies for the aprons. I connected the legs in the back and that made up the neck piece. I then used a putty tool to drag it around to create the ridges and smooth together then neck piece.

The hats were a bit trickier. I made them in two stages. The first stage was to make the base of the hat and let it dry. Once that was done I put a big globe of putty that was roughly the shape I wanted and then smoothed it into shape with my fingers (with a light coating of vaseline on them.)

The ogre with the giant purple club is armed with a Skull Mantle and Siege Breaker - the Siege Breaker is descibed as a giant great weapon (+3 S!) made out of obsidian. I made it out of a long tube of green stuff that I hacked pieces off of once it had dried to make it look angular and rocky. I should have used grey or brown stuff for that as it holds and edge better but I do not have any.

After everything was set up I painted them like all the rest of my Ogres.

I have fielded these guys in two games and I have been happy with them both times. Ogre magic can be very stout if you use it right and they are competent fighters as well.